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For all the readers and admirers of Ruskin Bond who wish to engage with the whimsical and delightful world portrayed in his stories, Ruskin Bond Collection brings a plethora of collectables designed and produced for all to access something that is off the beaten track.

Wall Tapestries are a form of Textile art that instantly spruce up any given space , be it your living room, your office or even your bedroom. Looking for a classic, minimal, feel-good aesthetic for your café? How about something inspirational and vitalizing for your work studio? The versatility of these Wall Tapestries is humongous; a testament to the works of the author that have inspired people of every generation, and in various fields of life.

But what is so special about these Wall Tapestries? Look no more, for the answer is right here:

Famous Quotes by Ruskin Bond! Each Tapestry highlights the author’s popular quotes- words that are witty, uplifting, and inspiring to get your spirits soaring and warm to take you through a challenging day.

Original Artwork! The Tapestries carry an original artwork that draws parallel with the quote. The artwork often illustrates mesmerising spots situated in Ruskin Bond’s hometown of Mussoorie as well as the cosy corners of his home. For instance, the ‘Believe in Tomorrow’ Tapestry portrays a wonderful visual of the author’s home garden rich with the bountiful greenery of his plants.

Locally Made! Local Indian artisans are employed to bring to life these original designs, right from the printing to the finishing process.

Environment-friendly! All Tapestries feature permanent organic inks carefully hand-printed onto 100% Natural Cotton Canvas that is bio-degradable. The ink is a product of the Japanese company Toyo Ink that specializes in organic pigments. Being green is part of Toyo Ink’s core mission. Toyo Ink always finds ways to improve the lives of its customers, employees, and communities by instilling eco-friendly practices into everything they do. Additionally, Cotton Canvas is a long-lasting sturdy material that maintains its original quality well over time.

If you have never bought or displayed a Tapestry before, there is always a first time for everything. Here are a few tips on how you can display your Ruskin Bond Wall Tapestry and rejoice as a proud owner in the admiring eyes of your visitors: Use nails or push pins to hang the corners of the original piece on the wall- by your bedside, near the entrance of your living room or the reception area of your office- the choice is completely yours. Alternatively, you can place your Tapestry in a framed casing to showcase this piece of art; framing the Tapestry will also increase the life span of this already long-lasting piece of memorabilia.

Maintenance of Tapestries is also as convenient as possible. You can either machine wash or hand wash them, or wipe them with a wet cloth. The organic print is not susceptible to losing colour when washed, so rest assured, you can take care of your collectable with minimal effort.

Well! What are you waiting for? Check out Wall Tapestries by Ruskin Bond Collection right here!

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