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Aug 16, 2022
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Unputdownable! Pleasant! Conscientious! Tranquilizing! These four words are made for this beautiful and hon- est account of Life in Mussoorie by Ruskin bond. It is a record of simple but indescribably calming and humourous entries by our dear Rusty, showing us how humans can be the closest and at the same time the farthest from nature. This book is penned down with the purest of human feelings and the simplest, yet the most intel- lectual observa- tions. Records of how far we humans have gone from the beautiful nature that we were once closest to, the chit- ter-chatter of the mynahs and cicadas, the yellow bottomed wood- pecker, the inedible yet magnificent horse chest- nuts, the walnuts in their green jackets, the cherry sprinkle of the cherry tree during spring, the old smiling Lama, the daily walk to Pari Tibba, the sweet mule driver, the wayside teashop and the abnormal- ly hard bun (but digestible with hot tea!), the morn- ing call of the fly butter, the java plum and the pur- ple stains after eating the berries, the handsome oak and the terribly beautiful banyan with its aerial roots dancing – all these are some of the wonderful images vividly created before the eyes of the read- er. It also indicates the quintessential description of the relationship one can have with nature. Ruskin Bond is someone who cannot imagine his life without nature, his morning without the green pigeon, his study without his typewriter and ulti- mately, his nights without his books. It provides an enchanting and emotional direction towards a taste- ful life, colours poured in through the uncountable creations of nature, everlasting and ever-growing! It is a must read for all those who love to sit on the balcony in summer mornings with a lazy cup of tea or coffee in their hands. Gunchaa Shandilya .
Rain in the mountains- my epiphany.  content media


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