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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Timothy the Tiger is perhaps one of the most beloved characters of Ruskin Bond,

being introduced as an adorable tiger cub discovered by grandfather in the author’s

a very popular short story called ‘A Tiger in The House.’ The same story was later

republished as a chapter book titled ‘The Day Grandfather Tickled a Tiger’,

cementing itself in the hearts of ardent fans of Ruskin Bond. I, too, remember

reading the story as an 8-year-old and it has since stayed with me even after all

these years, as the works of Ruskin Bond work often do. There is a mesmerising

quality in his works, the way it evokes emotions with its lively exposition, following a

the narrative that is equal parts hilarious and compelling.

Timothy is described as a mischievous cub, provided with two companions – Toto

the monkey, who would pull him by the tail to irk him and a mongrel puppy picked up

from the roadside. Timothy is the star of the story, and the relationship between him

and the grandfather is a lovely, heart-warming one. Despite Timothy being better off

away from the house as he grows up, his relationship with grandfather still

exemplifies an unbreakable bond between the two and talks of compassion towards



To pay an ode to this delightful character, Ruskin Bond Collection teamed up with

collectives of exceptionally talented, nimble-fingered women at work in the foothills of

the Himalayas, based in Bangaon and Dehradun in Uttarakhand. Two of these

collectives are UNEVEN KNITTING and ROSA MYSTICA which aim at empowering

and uplifting the community of makers and artisans, thus creating opportunities, and

giving a platform to showcase their expertise.

But what was the product that saw the light of day with this collaboration? A

the crocheted stuffed toy of Timothy the Tiger when he was a cub!

The stuffed figure measures 6x4 inches and is hand crocheted in 100% vegan fibre.

After multiple trials and samples, to achieve the desired design, the figure was finally

introduced as a part of the ‘All-Time Favourites’ Boxed Set. The ‘All-Time Favourites’

Boxed Set comes with an original signed copy of the book ‘All-Time Favourites’ – a

hand-picked assortment of the most favourite stories of Ruskin Bond chosen by the

author himself from the plethora of his perennially loved work.

The stunning hand-crafted figurine of Timothy the Tiger has been included along with

a Plantable Thank you Card from the team to encourage the preservation of nature -

planting one sapling at a time. The Box also boasts of a Certificate of Authenticity

which is proof of the credibility and trustworthiness of the products that customers



Depicted on a 22x22 inch raw cotton canvas is a vivacious illustration of Timothy the

tiger when he was a cute little cub, with his companions Toto the monkey and the

mongrel puppy. The illustration is an assimilation of vibrant reds, yellows, and

oranges with accents of green, printed on the canvas as a Wall Tapestry to bring to

life any corner of your house!

How wonderful it is for children to grow around their favourite characters, to read,

imbibe and reflect on pieces of literature, that become a lifelong happy place for

them. The ‘Timothy and Toto Wall Tapestry’ Combo hence also includes the chapter

the book ‘The day grandfather tickled a tiger’ for a perfect weekend or bedtime read for

the little ones.

The wall tapestry is printed with organic ink and generously machine

embroidered with viscose vegan thread to furnish your space with a cheery and

playful vibe. 

As Ruskin Bond’s works often depict the poignant emotion of nostalgia and a feel-

the good element of love and companionship, Ruskin Bond Collection hopes to capture

all that and more as they bring to life the world of Ruskin bond.

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